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How to start a fire in a fire pit

By UJJBARAN October 19, 2021

Enjoying your garden space is something that every homeowner wants. Whether it’s basking in the satisfaction of nurturing plants grown from seed, or simply having somewhere to sit out and enjoy the nice weather while you can. Even when the sun has gone down and the stars come out to play, there are plenty of opportunities to still enjoy your garden environment – one of which is installing a firepit in your garden. Perfect for cosy summer evenings and enjoying with friends and family, fire pits tick all the boxes. If you’re tempted, learn the basics here - including how to start a fire in a fire pit - why your garden needs one, and why we love them so much.


Why use a fire pit?

Fire pits are wonderful garden features, and deciding to install one can change your relationship with your outdoor space forever. It’s no wonder there are so many reasons to have one. There’s also the opportunity – depending on the type of fire pit – to cook up some delicious food. This is a great way to wow your guests, or even get them to have a go if they’re up for getting involved.

How to start a fire in a fire pit

Now that you’ve decided that a firepit is the right choice for your garden and can’t wait to get started, the first thing that you will need to do is learn how to light a fire pit. If set up correctly, you’ll be in for an evening of warmth, merriment and hypnotising dancing flames. There are a few staples when it comes to starting a fire safely and successfully. First, you will need to find some kindling (such as sticks), tinder (newspaper or straw) and fuel, which will usually be dry firewood. First to be added is the tinder at the bottom of the pit. Over this, place the kindling, ideally in a teepee style arrangement with the sticks all laying on one another. With a match, light the tinder and let the fire start to take hold. Once the tinder has started to burn, it’s time to add the firewood. Start with smaller pieces and work up to larger ones, adding more as the embers crumble onto the tinder and kindling. You may need to add more kindling and tinder along the way to keep the fire going for as long as possible. Once you’re ready to call it a night, simply stop adding kindling, tinder and firewood and it will gradually die down on its own. If smouldering embers are left behind, toss on some dirt or sand to prevent the flames from starting up again.

How to choose a fire pit

Ultimately this all depends on how you want to use it, and how big your garden is. If space isn’t an issue for you, you could opt for a whole dining set with a built in fire pit, or for those who just want to snuggle up and enjoy the warmth, a sofa set with a fire pit might be a better option. There are also gas and charcoal options out there for you to choose from - so get your thinking caps on and narrow down which you’d prefer.   Are you ready to enjoy your garden on a whole new level? 

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