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Everything You Need To Know About Fire Pit Tables

By UJJBARAN October 19, 2021

If you love to watch the crackling fire when camping, you could bring the same experience to your home. Some people think it’s not practical to have a campfire or fire pit in their home, but what if you get one with a table around it?

Besides providing you comforting heat, you can use it as a dining table and turn it into a new spot to entertain guests. No wonder this type of fire pit is popular with homeowners.

If you want to know more about this furniture, here are some answers to commonly asked questions about fire pit tables.

What is a fire pit table?

A fire pit table or fire table is an outdoor furniture that combines a fire pit and a patio table. It can be used for multiple purposes such as providing warmth and light during cool evenings, entertaining guests, and hosting cookouts. Compared to a normal fire pit, it comes with a table so you have a place for your dishes, drinks, board games, and cooking equipment.

Aside from its uses, it also adds a luxurious touch to your outdoor area. It is popular with homeowners because this furniture has an area under the table that conceals the tank or fuel source. Not only is it practical, but it helps accentuate your outdoor space. Your guests would love to gather around the cozy fire it emits while sharing stories under a starry night.

What can you cook on fire tables?

Similar to a barbecue grill, you can also use a fire pit table to cook delicious meat over a fire. If the fire pit table you will buy doesn’t have the accessories for cooking, you will need a grill grate, tripod, and a rotisserie to cook some dishes. You can grill or cook barbecue, hotdogs, bacon, kebabs, and more while having a table to place your utensils and sauces. Aside from meat, you can also do corn on the cob and complete the dining course with a dessert. Roast marshmallows and then get some chocolate bars and graham crackers to create s’mores.

What’s great about cooking with a fire pit table is that you can also use wood or charcoal as fuel. Most barbecue grills can’t accommodate or have the size for a wood fire. Plus, you can cook while talking to your guests since they can sit or stand around the fire table while you’re preparing the meal.

Do fire pit tables emit smoke?

It depends on what type of fire table you will get. If you want a smoke-free one, you should get a propane fire pit table. This type is better if you’re going to place it near your house or you have a smaller space. It is also easier to maintain and doesn’t require much cleaning after use. But you should only get this fire table if you are not concerned about the temperature or heat.

A propane or natural gas fire pit table will put out less heat than a wood burning one. If you prefer a fire table that runs on wood or charcoal, there are some ways to minimize the smoke.

According to fire pits, you can reduce smoke if you:

  • Use dry firewood.
  • Arrange your firewood for better airflow.
  • Don’t add debris such as leaves, pine straw, or grass clippings.
  • Avoid using recently cut wood or green wood.

Is it safe to use a fire table on a wooden deck?

Yes, but you have to keep in mind these safety precautions.

If you are planning to place your fire pit table on a wooden deck, it’s better to get a propane one. It has a lower fire risk since it doesn’t have sparks and flying embers like wood-burning or charcoal fire pit tables. A spark or ember can ignite when it lands on dry leaves and turn into a large blaze. Make sure to get a unit with a higher stand because the heat can still damage your deck’s surface if the fire table is near the ground. It’s best to look for propane gas that is made for decks.

But if you prefer a wood-burning fire table, especially since it brings a different flavor than the gas ones, you will need to follow these precautions. First, make sure the unit is far from plants, railings, and furniture. Next, place a flame-resistant pad below the fire table to catch embers and sparks. You can also create a safety zone instead of buying a pad by placing bricks, pavers, or metal below and around the unit. But to be safe, use the screen or cover to avoid the risk of jumping sparks igniting nearby surfaces.

Can a fire pit table be used under a covered patio or structure?

If you are planning to place your fire table in an enclosed area, you first need to check if the height of your structure is enough to accommodate a fire pit table and its flame height. Next, consider the air circulation or ventilation of the structure. It’s dangerous for you to be in an enclosed space with a fire pit table that is emitting smoke. If you really want to place your fire pit table under a covered area, you should opt for a propane fire table so that it doesn’t produce a lot of smoke.

How far should a fire table be away from the house?

If this information is not included in the safety manual of your product, the fire pit store recommends placing this furniture at least 15 feet away from your home or any structure. But to be sure, check local ordinances about using open flames. Some cities or counties do not allow fire pits on wooden decks or less than 20 feet from your home.

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