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DIY Fire Pit Ideas: How to Build a Fire Pit

By UJJBARAN October 19, 2021

A homemade fire pit allows you to enjoy your outdoor living area year round, even during winter. Our videos show you how to build a fire pit and three different fire pit ideas.

Building a Fire Pit

The basic steps for building a fire pit are similar no matter which fire pit design you want to build:

  • Choose a location.
  • Mark the fire pit layout.
  • Prepare the location and base.
  • Lay the block.

Many of the tools and materials are standard as well, including:

  • Wheelbarrow
  • Shovel
  • Level
  • Block or pavers
  • Lava rock
  • Paver base
  • Construction adhesive

Some fire pit builds require you to cut block or pavers to size. For those projects, you also need items such as a circular saw with a concrete blade and safety equipment such as eye protection, hearing protection and a respirator or safety mask.

Fire Pit Ring

Check out our video and step-by-step instructions to learn how to make a fire pit with a ring kit.

Custom Fire Pit

This fire pit DIY project requires more planning than building with a kit, but you’ll have more style and size options. Our video and homemade fire pit instructions — complete with a list of tools and materials — will show you how to make your own fire pit with retaining wall block.

In-Ground Fire Pit

This homemade fire pit sits level with the ground. The project involves building a paver patio around the fire pit, so it requires more planning and prep work — and more digging — than a fire pit made from a kit or retaining wall block. The pit itself is lined with concrete block, and you'll need fire brick to protect the block. The benefit of this fire pit design is that it lets you be more creative. You can customize features, such as the color and shape of the pavers, as well as the size and shape of the patio.

Fire Pit Ideas

To choose the right fire pit design and layout to suit your entertaining needs, think about how you will use your fire pit area long term. If you frequently host lots of outdoor parties with many guests, or want your pit to match an existing patio, consider building a fire pit in ground with a paver surround. If your fire pit will mostly be enjoyed by you and your family, or if you prefer a more rustic look, a modern fire pit built out of retaining wall blocks or a timesaving fire pit project kit may be ideal.

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