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Driveway Gate Installation Costs

By UJJBARAN October 20, 2021

Whether you are tired of people using your driveway to turn around, you want to bolster home security, or you just enjoy the looks of a gated driveway, you’ll want to take time to learn about the costs of this home improvement.

To begin with, a driveway gate installation pans out in one of two ways: automatic (opened with electronic devices and secured with electronic locks), and manual (requires someone to exit the vehicle, open the gate, and close it behind themselves after entering).

It is easy to guess which of the two styles is the least expensive. And yet there are still further refinements in driveway gates. For example, some swing open while others slide open, and they can be made of an array of materials.

All of these factors affect the cost of a driveway gate installation and have to be taken into consideration before getting started. Remember too that local zoning and safety laws must also be followed, particularly where the width of a gate is concerned. After all, local fire ordinances will usually require that a firetruck can easily pass through the gate and surrounding fence or columns.

Other considerations and costs

  • A sliding gate is far more expensive than a swing gate, and homeowners may find themselves paying a great deal more for both labor and materials since there must be durable concrete footings, and because the complexity of the gate’s construction and the installation often bumps it up to the $80 per hour mark.
  • The material chosen for the gate will also affect the total cost, with options for aluminum, steel, wood, vinyl, and wrought iron ranging in price from $300 to $4,000.
  • Remember, too that electrical supplies will have to be run to an automatic gate, and that may mean excavating trenches for wiring and electronics, adding to the price.
  • The cost for permission to install the gate will average around $150 to $200 in most areas, and no installation can occur until the town or city has given official approval.
  • Don’t forget that there are costs associated with operating the gate, and though some cost only nominal amounts throughout the day, some cost tremendous sums.

DIY considerations

  • Attempting to do a DIY install on a driveway gate is not a viable solution. There are too many variables and too many technical challenges to make it an effective choice. For example, a driveway with an up or downhill swing will need a system designed to meet the challenges, while some gates can operate only on flat surfaces.
  • The electronics aspect of an installation is meant for experts-only, too. It is best to find several contractors specializing in gate installations, get estimates on your design, and ask for examples of previous work to be sure you get the best results.

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