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The Benefits of Window Awnings For Your Home

By UJJBARAN October 18, 2021

Window awnings are the sort of thing you often see on homes, storefronts, or offices and don’t ever really consider why they would be installed. It’s sort of a mini roof that is installed over a window or a door, except it’s called an awning. They come in many colours and styles to suit the building’s exterior design whether it be a victorian style home or a modern, sleek designed business. If the home or business already has a front entryway door and functioning windows, why would they need an awning to cover it? A window awning may contribute to the overall aesthetic and curb appeal of the home, but is there actually substantial benefits to having a window awning installed on your home besides great looks? The answer is yes! Window awnings offer great aesthetic value and can enhance your home’s curb appeal, but they also offer a variety of practical uses. Many people think about installing window awnings but never get around to it, mainly because they’re unsure if the investment is worth it.

If you’re undecided about installing a window awning on your home take a look at some of the benefits of installing window awnings on your home’s windows:

Contributes to a more energy-efficient home

An awning or overhang is a secondary covering attached to the exterior wall of a building. The primary purpose of a window awning is to prevent the sun from shining directly through the window while still allowing natural light to pour through the window. With that being said, awnings which are installed above windows can result in noticeable savings on energy bills, particularly during the warm weather months by keeping the temperature cooler indoors.

During the summer, your home windows can retain a lot of heat and release it back into your home. With an awning creating shade over the window, it reduces the amount of UV rays that come in contact with the window and the amount of heat that your window will retain, thus saving money on the energy. Adversely in the winter, a window awning can provide further protection from cold drafts that leak through the window which will reduce the amount of energy used to heat your home. In some cases, retractable awnings can be installed to prevent an accumulation of snow and ice which may result in damage to the awning. This typically seen in fabric awnings.

Prevent furniture and rugs from fading

Going back to the fact that a window awning is to prevent the sun from shining directly through the window, it will also prevent the colour from fading on your furniture and rugs. Over time, UV rays can be damaging to fabrics and as a result, you’ll notice the colour begin to fade from your furniture. A window awning can provide an ample amount of shade to protect your belongings that sit underneath it. It keeps the colour of materials from fading by minimizing the amount of UV rays from entering your home.

Creates an extended living area

If you enjoy outdoor meals on the patio or hosting dinner parties at your home, an awning installed over your patio door or garden door can create an extended living area out on the porch. It will provide better protection against the sun during the day and a more private setting for you and your house guests.

Better Protection Against the Elements

Ventilate your home even during inclement weather conditions. Enjoy having your windows wide open even while it’s raining. With a window awning installed over your home windows, you won’t have to worry about rain water leaking into your home through your open windows. You have options for ventilation regardless of the weather conditions. In addition to this, rain, snow, and condensation can wear down your windows over time. Having a window awning installed can provide better protection to the exterior of your windows during inclement weather conditions.

Condensation is often the main cause of window damage, even in high-quality windows made of durable materials. This occurs when moisture gets trapped between the inside surface of the window. Condensation will look like foggy patches with droplets of water and it will also make it more difficult to see through the window.

If you are seeing signs of condensation on your home windows, you should clean and wipe your windows dry, because it may lead to mould and fungus growth on the window. Having a window awning installed above a window can prevent condensation by providing extra coverage, and reducing the amount of water and moisture that can come in contact with the window.

Do window awnings require a lot of maintenance?

Before moving forward with any home improvement projects, many homeowners want to ensure that what they’re doing is actually an improvement and won’t cost them more hassle and money in maintenance costs in the future. Understandably, the purpose of installing something new, like window awnings on your home is with the hopes that it would make your home better, not cause headaches. The good news is, window awnings are usually low maintenance, depending on the type that you would get. If you choose aluminum awnings, which is one of the most popular types to get, that it should not be washed with regular soap, as it can cause corrosion over time. So consider the cost for purchasing a special solvents for washing aluminum window awnings can be purchased at most home hardware stores and it is usually inexpensive.

Like with most things that are constantly exposed to the outdoor elements, dirt and grime can accumulate on a window awning if they haven’t been washed for long periods of time like say, after a whole winter. So, to gently clean the grime from an awning, you would use a soft sponge or a soft bristle brush to gently scrub the grime from the surface with the special solvent diluted in warm water. Proper window maintenance also involves drying the window awning. If they are not dried properly, there may be solvent that is left behind on the surface which could cause oxidation and permanent stains. An important tip to remember about maintaining aluminum window awnings is to paint them every few years to provide an added layer of protection on them.

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