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How to Clean an Air Hockey Table | A Step By Step Guide

By UJJBARAN October 18, 2021

Cleaning an air hockey table is not as easy as you think because it requires some methods. In this article, you will learn how to clean an air hockey table.

Air hockey isn’t only very amusing. It also helps develop hand-eye management and sharpens the reflexes, and a spirited sport is surprisingly good for your overall fitness. Air hockey is a great entertainment source, and more than 40% of families who have an air hockey table are happier than others. 

The air holes in the airflow must stay fresh and tidy. Of course, that’s correct. The more hygienic your air hockey table is, the better possibility you have of playing the game without any obstacles. Since air hockey tables come in many different sizes, there may be some differences in the cleaning methods, but the basics are not as important as your size. 

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You can use any furniture polish or gloss or windows on your air hockey table. Our guide on how to clean an air hockey table will give you some of the best tips on how to keep the surface clean and free of debris for the ultimate gaming experience. We will also move on to basic care and what you can do to keep your table looking new.

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How to Clean an Air Hockey Table

While you are planning to clean the face of your air hockey table, follow this process.

Turn on the fan/blowers.

Blowers of the air hockey table must be turned on all through the cleaning process. This will put off dirt, dust, and liquids from entering the playing surface and thus affecting the airflow.

Air hockey table vacuum

This is made to take out dust as well as cobwebs from the table. Ensure you hold the vacuum cleaner tube slightly off the table’s face so that the vacuum nozzle won’t dent the table.

Scrub the table

While the airflow is still on, clean and air hockey table without damaging it using a clean microfiber or soft cotton cloth. In the meantime, during the cleaning stage, you have the option of using a slight microfiber cloth or a cleaner.

Peradventure, you choose to utilize a cleaner, make sure you are rubbing alcohol-based cleaners such as isopropyl alcohol or dishwashing liquid, or you can choose to use a window cleaner that does not contain ammonia.

Apply the air hockey table cleaner directly to the cloth, not to the table, and use as little liquid as possible so that it evaporates and dries quickly.

Scrub enough to get rid of any dirt stuck on the table, and remember to clean the table’s outer surface, including the feet, in addition to the tabletop.

Clean the air holes.

Use the vacuum cleaner to remove all the dirt and tiny. For this part, you will need drill bits, toothpicks, cotton swabs, or pipe cleaners.

Insert swab/pipe, cotton/ toothpick, or drill/cleaner bit into every hole; clean it one at a time. Slowly and cautiously raise the dirt up and out as you have to concentrate on pushing the dirt out of the hole.

Be sure the fan is switched on so you can get the dirt out of the holes.

Polish the air hockey table.

This part of the furniture polish is not mandatory. Still, it helps restore and maintain the flexibility of your air hockey table, which improves gameplay and prolongs the life span of the table.

Use an air hockey table polish designed specifically for air hockey tables and just applies a thin spray coat over the entire playing surface.

It is important to use a small amount of wax/polish to fill the air holes a lot. When the wax dry, wipe the table with a dry microfiber cloth or soft cotton cloth and polish sufficiently for a shiny finish. Silicone spray lubricants also work well to give the air conditioning table a nice shine and smoothness

Smooth the Pucks and Mallets

If the gameplay is a bit slow, the problem isn’t always the table; it is expected that the piles will wear normally and tear and develop a slight imperfection. Thus, you can solve this prank by gently rubbing it down using ultra-fine sanding paper that is super smooth.

Benefits of Air Hockey Table

  • It helps provide the ability for players to choose a pool table or air hockey table by simply rotating the table.
  • The air hockey table can also be a collection of different types of games, making it an additional game table.

Considerations Choosing Air Hockey Tables

Air hockey tables come in two types: tabletop or freestanding.


Tabletop forms vary in size from 21 inches to about 40 inches. A number of them are battery-powered with pipes that have plugs. However, the cord can be a bit short, so an extension is often required.


Freestanding air hockey tables range in sizes from about 54 inches to eight feet, and their quality varies greatly. A solid structure is important, not only for the game’s stability but also because the players can get excited from time to time, and the table will need to stay afloat until the end of the game.


The apex two features to reflect on in hockey tables are the construction quality and the playing surface. However, there are some important qualities to consider.


Most air hockey tables have a single fan. However, the whole game surface has two fans of high-end tables for more balanced airflow.


Various devices for automatic scoring are available. Some also offer air hockey tables, game clocks.

Leg leveler

An air hockey table leg leveler lets you balance for any roughness on your floor.


Freestanding air hockey tables often require a little assembly. On larger models, assembly takes 30 minutes or more, and the components can be larger and heavier, so giving someone a hand is a good idea.

Air Hockey Table Maintenance

Keep it covered

Whatever the size of the air hockey table at home, you need to cover a not used game. The dust has a way of penetrating those small holes, and when it does, you can free some airpower, and your puck won’t slide easily

Clean regularly

You have to clean the air hockey table recurrently, depending on how quickly it gathers dirt and dust. You can do an overall cleaning about once every 3 months.

Checks equipment

Watch your game, so you don’t put too much pressure on any piece of equipment. If you find nicks and scraps, the surface should be smooth again with a little fine-grit sandpaper and a gentle, but pee, rubbing.

Proper cleaning

Deep cleaning is essential, and you have to do it well, or you will scratch the surface of your air hockey table. Here are the steps you should take:

  • First, use a vacuum cleaner
  • Use isopropyl alcohol or a window cleaner that has no ammonia.
  • Turn on the blower before you clean
  • Clean the table and let it dry.

Be careful with food and drink.

The accident happens, but they frequently happen when food and drink are set aside near the air hockey table. If you feel thirsty or hungry while playing, stop playing, and move away from the table before eating and drinking. Clean any spills immediately.

Remove the obstruction from the air holes.

These small holes will often be filled up with dirt particles, and removing them proved abortive. To clean the obstructed hole, you will have to need a drill not bigger than 1/32 of an inch; once you are through with the drilling exercise, turn on the blower to push the dust out of the holes.

Things you needn’t CLEAN

People shy away from this fact when it comes to cleaning the air hockey table. To get your puck to the right and the side of the end rails, don’t clean that side and end rails. You can clean up the area but not the section where the puck touches the rail. Also, avoid using things like wax or silicone products.

Yes, these products help the puck slide well, but it also leaves a buildup that spoils your game over time. They can also plug air holes that waste your game time by preventing the prankster from moving easily.

How to Clean an Air Hockey Table: FA

How can I improve my air hockey table?

Here are the things you have to do:

  • Clean and wax the surface of tables, pucks and, malts.
  • Use silicone spray lubricant with caution. 
  • Clean the fan blower.
  • Cover your unused air hockey table.
  • Clean the table holes.

How do you unclog an air hockey table?

It’s simple! Take a soft cloth and wipe down the table to get rid of any dirt particles on the table. Moreover, take a little rubbing alcohol and wet the cloth. You do not want to use soap as it can clog the pores. Turn on the air and scrub the tabletop with rubbing alcohol.

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